Commodore Basic V2 - C64 Emulator in Echo Show Browser

Frank Börncke

For those of you who grew up with the C64 this example demonstrates how to boot the C64 in the Echo Show browser. You can then practice your skills in "COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2".


20 GOTO 10


The linked emulator in the APL is:

There are other ones but I like this one as it has a lot of options and plays well with the Echo Show.

Connect a Bluetooth keyboard with your device and push this APL to the selected Echo. If you don't want to write a skill for that you can use the APL authoring tool which offers a "push to device" feature which works well for our purposes.

This example is a proof of concept regarding emulation and the APL shows what the Echo hardware can do. It may be a first step to a more native C64 experience.


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