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APL Ninja is a social platform for Alexa developers, in particular enthusiasts and learners of the Alexa Presentation Language.

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The Display Interface will retire on 8/31. Once retired, your multimodal experience will no longer be supported on Alexa devices. To maintain your skill experience, you will need to migrate your existing display experience to the Alexa Presentation Language.

Use the Display template converter to easily convert your Display template into an APL template.

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How did they create this amazing transition? Like and comment on other documents to connect with other ninjas and learn together.

Getting started with the Alexa Presentation Language

Adding visuals and touch can enhance voice experiences and make skills even more engaging and interactive for customers. These documents will help you learn and understand APL.

What others are saying

APL.Ninja has become my favorite tool for developing APL documents, thanks to autocomplete and its streamlined preview options. But what I love most is to browse and getting inspired by solutions from other developers!
Florian Hollandt
Florian Hollandt
Solutions Architect, Amazon Alexa
I can't imagine being a successful JavaScript developer without sites like CodePen or JSFiddle. APL Ninja brings the same benefits to APL developers. It is easy to learn from others and share your designs. We can all learn together.
Mark Tucker
Mark Tucker
Sr. Technical Directory, RAIN
APL Ninja brings me imagination and creativity. Many users have posted technically interesting works, and I'm inspired by them. Thanks to Alexander for providing us with a great platform.
Yusuke Igarashi
Yusuke Igarashi
Project Leader, I&L Software Co., Ltd.