Browser based C64 Emulator booting Frogger

Frank Börncke

The internet archive ( is full of classic C64 games and you can now play them on your Echo Show!

Connect a Bluetooth keyboard with your device and push this APL to the selected Echo. If you don't want to write a skill for that you can use the APL authoring tool which offers a "push to device" feature which works well for our purposes.

The given APL starts the well known Frogger game which you can play without a joystick. On startup you can select the keys for navigation.

Loading takes some time (as a C64 owner you are used to that for sure) and to start a level you need to press "F1" on your bluetooth keyboard.

When asked for "Y/N" please remember that on German keyboards you might need to press "Z" instead of "Y".

Changing the source-URL in the APL document allows you to boot other games.

I doubt this approach will work for certification but they don't know what you do at home 😊

Have fun!


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