Use a custom font in your APL Document

Create even more engaging APL documents with a custom font. With custom fonts, you can create stunning splash screens or enhance your headlines.

How does it work?

First, the points of each glyph are extracted from the font and converted to paths, in parallel an APL package is dynamically generated containing the converted paths, in addition a generic text component (YourFontnameText) is generated for this font which translates the characters you specify (using the text property) into vector graphic components.

Rendering vector graphics is a very expensive operation. To guarantee the best possible user experience in your skill, you should therefore reduce the use of custom fonts to a minimum. Larger texts consisting of several hundred characters should not be converted with it.

Choose your font

WOFF, OTF, TTF file formats are supported.

Customize your APL package

At this point you can make some adjustments to your newly generated APL package.


Your new font looks like this

Use the "Download" button to get your new APL package once the font has been converted.