What is Bunny holding? with events and additional items

Dana B Gibson forked from What is Bunny holding?

Customize bunny any way you want. (See additions below)

This project shows how to use text with emoji and allows for customization of bunny and background colors.

It also shows how to use a custom Accordion component for the expandable side panels. Extra thanks to Alexander Martin for improving on my Expander component idea and making is much better.

Additions: A few more items were added and events are sent when any of the accordion items are picked. Try all three sections. There's a skill that makes use of this document that is in beta. If you are interested in trying it leave a comment and we'll figure out a way to add you to the beta.

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Supported Viewport Profiles
  • Mobile Portrait, Small
  • Mobile Landscape, Medium
  • Mobile Landscape, Large
  • Hub Landscape, Small
  • Hub Landscape, Medium
  • Hub Landscape, Large
  • Hub Landscape, Extra Large
  • Hub Portrait, Medium
  • TV Fullscreen
Minimum required APL version1.7

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