"Forever" running background animation with yet another analog clock

Frank Börncke

This example shows an analog clock in front of a "forever" looping video.

Note: the stock video chosen for this example is free to use but not a good choice for looping. You will see a jump when it starts again.

Caveat: A "repeatCount" of "-1" within the APL "Video" component is intended to let the video run forever. Now when you run this APL on different Echo devices you will see that the meaning of "forever" is interpreted differently from device to device.

Within my test environment the Echo Spot turns out to have the longest understanding of what "forever" means 🙂

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Supported Viewport Profiles
  • Hub Round
  • Hub Landscape, Small
  • Hub Landscape, Medium
  • Hub Landscape, Large
  • TV Fullscreen
Minimum required APL version1.4

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